Asus Adds EeePC 1002HA Non-Wedge Model To Netbook range

Asus has merged the S101 and the 1000H to bring out the new 1002HA laptop, a stunningly good looking netbook which should prove to be a serious competitor to more pricey sub-laptops.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has produced a very svelte 1.1Kg device with a 10-inch monitor and will be using a brushed metal chassis - rather than plastic - to pack some great components like an Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard disk drive and a 2-cell 4200mAH battery (rather than a 4-cell one).

Other features include a webcam, SDHC card reader, a VGA port and three USB ports.

Even if one more 1002HA adds to the already crowded (and confusing) market, the 1002HA should definitely get heads turning and to make it even better, it no longer sports that wedgy profile that the original EEE PC introduced.

Expect it to appear early next year (or before Christmas) at a price of around £350 (French Blogeee website puts the price at Eur449).

As things are going, it wouldn't be surprising if Asus brings out a serious competitor to the Macbook Air next year.