Personalisation Paramount to Great Mobile Experience Says Mformation

According to research undertaken by Mformation, a majority of mobile users would like to use applications that allow for on device personalisation.

According to the study, personalisation will hold the key to success of mobile services in near future and there is chance that mobile operators may be missing out on revenues if they fail to enhance the mobile experience they provide to their subscribers.

The study highlighted the fact that nearly eight out of ten subscribers who were surveyed mentioned that they would switch to a competitor if they were able to offer better customisation options.

In addition nearly 94 percent of users were already trying their hands at personalisation through the use of accessories and ringtones.

Incidentally according Mformation that forthcoming updates that are expected to be made to Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA DM) standard in the coming year is likely to go a long way in making it easier for mobile users to personalise their mobiles according to their wishes.