Surfing The Net Changes The Way You Think

It seems that our web surfing habits have an affect on the way we think and if recent claims of a scientist are to be believed then those who regularly surf the web have a much higher level of learning capabilities than others who don’t.

According to Gary Small, an acclaimed neuroscientist at UCLA in California, internet searching and text messaging contributes in making our brain more adept to filtering information.

These claims were made in a recent book authored by Gary where he also purported that those who were more frequented with technology could reach the "the top of the new social order".

His claims are based on a study carried out on 24 adults which mapped their brain activity as they went by using the internet and during the study it was found that "experienced Internet users showed double the activity in areas of the brain that control decision-making and complex reasoning as internet beginners".

However Gary also acknowledged that people who are addicted to web surfing have a higher chance of suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.