Too Much Regulation Will Hamper Tech Innovation

Legislators in general have drawn flak from the participants at the RSA conference Europe 2008 owing to their support for legislations that were stifling industrial innovation.

Addressing the conference, Art Coviello, the president of RSA mentioned the need for public policy to demonstrate right leadership skills and focus on right outcomes.

In addition he expressed his apprehension about current legislations relating to security issues by stating “When it comes to security, materiality and risk are not often given their proper weight; it drives businesses to spend unnecessarily on perceived but not real security risks.”

Stakeholders at the conference went on to dwell on the need of policy makers to avoid regulations which forces companies to spend unnecessarily on perceived threats rather than on genuine security risks.

Interestingly Peter Hustinx the European data protection supervisor who was present at the conference agreed to the need for more robust policies; however he went on to add that regulators need to be aware of whether the industry is doing the right thing.