£12.7bn NHS IT Project Under Fire As Opposition Calls For Overall Review

It seems that the National Programme for IT in NHS is in midst of a major political row with opposition politicians demanding a through review of the £12.7 billion programme owing to extensive delays.

The programme which aims to create an electronic patient record system has experienced several delays in its implementation and even the National Audit Office earlier this year had held that the huge project, UK's largest IT venture, is running nearly four years behind schedule.

Expressing the opposition viewpoint, Stephen O’Brien, the health spokesman for the Conservative party said that the NPfIT is prohibitively expensive and was going way behind schedule

He also expressed disappointment over government’s refusal to be held accountable for it.

He went on to add that “If the centralised, top-down approach to introducing the patient record had worked, we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

The delays in the programme have been attributed to various elements including technical issues along with requirements for extra resources.