Asus Plans To Add Android Smartphone To EEE Range in 2009?

Asus is planning to launch an Android based smartphone by next year, with the eye-watering prospects of adding it to the EEE family, making the later a potential rival to Apple's "i" range.

Taiwanese News outlet Digitimes says that Asustek could get the phones out before the end of June 2009 and would use chips from Marvell and Qualcomm.

Asus has not been as successful selling smartphones even in Taiwan, compared to the EEE Range of devices and Asus could convince its partners to resell the Android based smartphones in other countries.

Leveraging the EEE name for its Android smartphone would mean that Asus is seriously considering building a strong brand to take on the likes of Sony and Apple, both of whom are revered names and incidentally clients of Asus.

Asus has been releasing a new EEE product every month (ed: or every other week) and the manufacturer could easily adopt Sony Ericsson's strategy of "one-design, many phones", to flood the market with slightly modified Android smartphones (ed: That's what they are doing with the EEE netbooks anyway).

Our money is on a tiny Asus EEE PC micro netbook, the size of a HTC G1 Smartphone that would work with a well thought Bluetooth headset, thereby removing the need for any interaction with an handset.