Brace Yourself : T-Mobile's G1 Android UK Launch Set For Tomorrow

With less than 24 hours to go to the official HTC G1 Android smartphone in the UK, pressure is mounting on T-Mobile UK to make sure that the mistakes made by O2 are not repeated.

Back in July, the launch of the iPhone 3G was marred by crashing websites and non-responsive service with some reporting that iTunes could not connect to the online store.

Those nagging issues however were quickly solved and did not prevent the iPhone 3G from selling by the millions.

Already, T-Mobile has been sending emails to those who have registered their interest and will be flogging the phone "that's built for the internet" from 2pm tomorrow afternoon.

Customers can then expect their G1 phone to be delivered within the next few working days but this can go up to one week if demand is very high, according to the marketing email they sent.

The G1 will either be available on Flext 40 with free unlimited internet and up to 1250 minutes or on the Combi 35 which offers unlimited internet and up to 80 minutes, both costing £40 per month, on par with O2's iPhone.

Others will be able to purchase the G1 from T-Mobile's Oxford Circus store as from 7am. It will be interesting to see whether Android buzz can match or even come close to the iPhone fanmania.

No news as to whether, like Apple's phone, the G1 will be available on Pay as you Go.