Google Introduces Labs For Google Apps, Aims At Corporate Customers

Google has introduced new experimental features called Labs for Google Apps that one can download and seamlessly plug them into their domains to extend the capabilities of these applications.

Quite expected was the fact that these new apps are built upon the Google App Engine, which incidentally was launched in April and some of the prominent applications include Google Code Reviews and Google Moderator.

While the Google Moderator aims to provide a platform for managing forums, the Google Code Reviews features are targeted toward developers and allow them the flexibility to share code amongst themselves for review and incorporate changes.

Another interesting feature is the Google Short links which allows you to shorten complicated URLs into short and easy to remember addresses.

The new features are a part of Google attempt to enhance its enterprise strategy and a post on Google’s official enterprise blog explained the initiative by stating that “There is a widely held belief that technology progress in the enterprise is slow and …experimentation is inappropriate. Here at Google we believe that experimentation is a good thing even in the enterprise space.”