Microsoft Joins Google To Free White Space Spectrum

It seems that Microsoft is pulling out all stops to lobby for allowing unlicensed use of television “white space” television spectrum for use of wireless internet services.

The company believes that opening up the white space spectrum without any license requirements will boost the rate of deployment of mobile broadband technology in United States and would benefit various communities, particularly those who are residing away from populated areas.

In a statement explaining the position of the company, Craig Mundie, the head of research at Microsoft remarked that "As we look to rural communities, we'll see more community broadband connectivity and using unlicensed white spaces spectrum, we could connect farm houses in the square states that you couldn't achieve with Wi-Fi."

Mundie went on to add that Bill Gates is likely to talk to FCC commissioner Robert McDowell regarding the issue.

Proponents of unlicensed use of white spaces believe that wireless devices are likely to operate without interfering with television signals and mechanisms can be devised whereby they are automatically shutdown if it interferes with the broadcast spectrum.