Security Tidbits : AntiSpyware XP 2009, Pro Antispyware 2009

AntiSpyware XP 2009 is a clone of XP AntiSpyware 2009 rogue security application. This rogue belongs to WinReanimator family.

AntiSpyware XP 2009

Fake Windows security Center

Windows security Center

AntiSpyware XP 2009 also drops a set of fake files into both windows and system32 folders.

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Pro Antispyware 2009 is new rogue clone from WinSpywareProtect family.

Thanks to Patrick Jordan for the information.

Pro Antispyware 2009

Sites Associated Proantispyware2009. com Scan. Freeantispywarescanner. com Files. Proas2009dl. com dl. Proas2009storage. com