UK Text Users Send 2500 Text Messages Per Second

A recent study undertaken by Mobile Data Association reveals that UK phone users are sending nearly 217 million text messages per day.

It seems that frequency of text messaging in UK is growing at an appreciable rate with an average rate of text messages being sent per day increasing by nearly 60 million over the corresponding period a year back

The striking increase in the number of text messages has being attributed to fairly low priced text message bundles that mobile service providers were offering to their customers.

Other factors including easy to use handsets and advancements in software too have played a role in increasing the frequency of text messaging.

The study conducted by Mobile Data Association was spread over July to September this year and it also found an increase of 20 percent in picture and video messaging over the same quarter last year.

Steve Reynolds, the chairman of Mobile Data Association remarked on the development by stating that “New mobile phones, with easy to use software and creative tariffs from the mobile networks, are encouraging people of all ages to use more of their functionality.”