£79.99 Buffalo 1000GB / 1TB DriveStation TurboUSB

Buffalo's DriveStation with TurboUSB offers unprecedented USB performance enhanced by TurboUSB. An innovative, fan-less design and power-saving mode make this DriveStation a dependable, economical and silent solutuion.

Auto installation and easy operation let you quickly store, access, and transfer files, digital images, documents, and backups. Just plug it in to a PC or Mac and it works!

The DriveStation TurboUSB External Hard Drives let you store, back up, and easily transport various files without taking up room on your computer's main hard drive.

Based on the latest SATA hard drive technology for larger capacities and with TurboUSB technology, DriveStation's transfer rates are up to 37% greater than those of standard USB hard drives.

With auto installation, Memeo AutoBackup Software (Download Memeo AutoBackup) and support, the DriveStation is a plug and play secure and reliable USB backup and storage solution.

Play.com sells it at £79.99, a full £15 discount from Ebuyer.