ASA Criticses Vodafone Over Mobile Broadband Adverts Claims

Mobile Phone Company Vodafone has been lambasted by the Advertisinh Standards Authority for adverts that claimed that the company offered "The fastest, most reliable mobile broadband in the galaxy. Only £15 a month".

Hutchinson-Whampoa, T-Mobile and a member of the public argued whether Vodafone was indeed the most reliable mobile broadband company or, indeed the fastest one around.

Vodafone did produce a report showing a number of tests carried out independently by LLC International which showed that Vodafone broadband was indeed faster than other networks included in the tests.

However ASA pointed out that the tests did not include any homes and in the majority of UK regions, one or more mobile networks were faster than Vodafone.

More than 28,000 tests were carried out over a period of 10 weeks in 140 locations and LLC took care to purchase the services in the Network operators own high street stores.

Vodafone has been warned by the ASA to point out the reference of any claim in their adverts in the future.

Interestingly, Vodafone still uses the claims on its website and presents them as a fact.