Intel and Asus Partner To Build The Perfect Laptops

Taming Crowdsourcing to produce the perfect laptops is a great way to generate out-of-the-box ideas; but it remains a mystery why other laptop makers (like Asus) don't adopt desirable features from Apple's Macbooks

Intel and Asus have launched a new website called which aims at delivering the "world first community-designed PCs" and getting people (and potential buyers) to share their ideas and get enthused about something as unexciting as laptop design.

Users will be encouraged to register and design their dream boxes, either a mere notebook, a netbook or a gaming laptop. The site is equiped with a virtual whiteboard as well as a fully-fledged questionnaire which help you spell out exactly what kind of laptop you want to create.

Obviously, others before have tried (and mastered) the idea of crowdsourcing. Dell has had some great success with Ideastorm whereas Salesforce has introduced Ideaexchange which has gathered nearly 9000 ideas.

No set date has been put forward for the release of any laptop which will include ideas from this giant brainstorming. Neither do we know whether Asus and Intel will give pout any prizes for the most popular ideas.

As of today, the most popular laptops include the extensible gaming laptop, a 16-core monster, the Newspaper PC and the Urban Warrior Edition of the EEE PC.

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