Motorola To Drop Symbian And Concentrate on Android?

It seems that Motorola is all set to trim down the development of its mobile phone platforms and plans to focus on Google’s Android operating systems for its phones.

A recent report published in the Wall Street Journal claimed that a decision to give more emphasis on the Android platform, which is being developed under the aegis of Open Handset Alliance, was made by Motorola’s new cell phone chief Sanjay Jha.

Many analysts believe that Jha may launch focused initiatives to bring profitability at Motorola’s mobile device division and it is expected that up to four phone systems may face the axe.

Quite expectedly such reports had lead to speculation of job cuts at Motorola with analysts predicting that a number of phones under development may be shelved which will lead to layoffs of people working on them.

Incidentally many believe Motorola has plans to build a mobile handset based around the Android platform which is expected to be priced around USD 150 and is likely to sports a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard.