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"Trojan" Psystar Challenges Apple With Macbook Clones and Blu-Ray iMacs

Just a few days after Psystar and Apple settled their disagreements through an out-of-court mediation, the company is apparently looking to push Apple even further with a Macbook laptop clone and a Mac-based system with a Blu-ray solution.

Interestingly, unlike say Umax or Radius, whose licenses to produce Apple macintosh clones were revoked by the Cupertino-based manufacturer, Psystar does not have an agreement with Apple to start up with and could potentially remain a thorn in Apple's side.

According to Appleinsider, a Psystar spokesperson told a potential client that they are working on a Mac Notebook clone that will be competitively "priced" fairly soon. The company only sells desktops and servers for the time being.

In addition, Psystar has also issued a press release saying that it is now shipping MacOSX desktop PCs with Blu-ray optical drives ahead of Apple; the new desktops will also come with the new Geforce 9800GT.

Apple's current position could leave some observers baffled. The company normally is very aggressive when it comes to defending its brands and Mac platform. However, in the case of Psystar, cash-flush Apple chose an Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Could it be that Apple is using Psystar as a Trojan horse to probe the public's response to a clone version of the Mac? Could Apple be preparing plans to launch MacOSX to the likes of Dell or HP? After all, the operating system will now work on the same x86 hardware than other mainstream operating systems.

Désiré Athow

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