£69.99 LG GGC-H20L SATA DVDRW BD/ HD DVD-ROM Black drive

Choose the very best in technology with the GGC-H20LRB from LG! Whether you prefer Blu-Ray or HD DVD, you can enjoy a high definition experience, because the GGC-H20LRB is compatible with both! Ideal for those who have purchased dirt-cheap HD-DVD movies.

Whichever replaces the DVD in the future (ed: we now know that it is Bluray), you can be sure you haven't made the wrong choice! The GGC-H20LRB is also compatible with DVD too, so it adapts to just about every kind of user.

It even includes LightScribe technology so you can burn labels easily and personalise your discs.

The GGC-H20LRB has an 8. 5 GB storage capacity in dual layer, so it can archive a huge amount of data, and a high transfer rate of 4000 Kbps on CD-Rom.

It can even write discs at speeds of up to 16x for DVD±Rs! The GGC-H20LRB will breathe new life into your computing equipment!

Purchase it from Amazon.co.uk for only £69.99 including VAT and delivery.