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Blackberry Storm 9500 Touchscreen to Start From £35 On Vodafone; iPhone Beware

Vodafone will be giving the Blackberry Storm Touchscreen smartphone away for prospective customers looking to enter a two-year, £35 per month, contract with the mobile phone network.

RIM's first touchscreen phone has received rave reviews since it was officially launched earlier this month and was supposed to cost roughly £120 on a two year contract.

Vodafone is the exclusive partner for the Blackberry storm and has partnered with DSGi's Phones4U to distribute it nationwide. And interested parties can already pre-order here (opens in new tab).

But for a total cost of £840 over two years, it is still a great bargain compared to the iPhone on O2 for which you will have to fork out £810 over an 18-month period.

The contract will offer 600 anytime any network minutes and unlimited text messaging as well as unlimited internet access and 6-months access to Vodafone's Find and Go Navigation service.

The alternative best-for-talk tariff will include 700 minutes of talk time, 250 texts messages as well as unlimited calls to landlines and to Vodafone mobile phones.

Shorter contract terms are available but will end up costing Storm users extra money - up to £500 for the phone alone should you take the 12 month one.

RIM's user base coupled with Vodafone's business credentials means that many corporate users will certainly have a closer look at this touchscreen rather than others.


Désiré Athow

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