Enigma Protector 1.55

The Enigma Protector serves for software protection of applications. It defending your work from program crackers with state-of-the-art encryption, data compression, and other security features.

The Enigma Protector is a powerful application that provides creation trial and registered applications, with possibility of the checking mode parameters with help internal Enigma API functions.

It allows you to design and add a complete software protection and registration-key system to your existing programs. It works with any language which produce Windows PE files. Enigma works with Win PE 32 executables (*.exe), screen savers (*.scr), dynamic libraryes (*.dll, *.ocx).

When we say "protection" we mean realization of two major ideas. First one is integration of "try before you buy" conception support system into the program module. Second one is protection of machine code of program module from analysis and cracking.

As can be seen, the protection is realized in different, but nevertheless greatly interrelated aspects, which are protection of developer economic interests and technical protection of the program product.

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