Instant Quote Professional 6.60

Instant Quote Professional, is a feature rich off-line software pricing and estimating application designed for businesses that require quotes and invoices. See new version featured highlights and screen images.

Instant Quote Professional is the ultimate tool for small to mid size companies at an affordable price.

This essential integrated solution allows you to effectively manage your business by creating, tracking and following up on quotes.

Upon acceptance of a Quote, with a single click of a button you can issue a PO to your suppliers, and with another click you can issue an invoice to your Client, all electronically.

Track your Vendors, Suppliers, manage inventory, customers and so much more. Includes built-in Contact Management options in the Customer screen (Call Log, Trace Dates, etc.).

The Parts Module allows you to use customized sku's, add sub-components and manage your business. Draft Promotions by sending out an e-mail notice to multiple customers at one time.

The built in reporting helps you manage your business and are an intricate and vile component that are included with the suite.

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