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Moves to save Gary Mackinnon from extradition growing

The main newswires may not have picked up up on what's happening in the Gary Mackinnon saga, but it seems Mr M may yet be saved from the ravenous hordes of xenophobic Guantanamo-baying (US) horsemen of the apocalypse.

According to a report in the Scotsman newspaper, pressure is growing on the Home Secretary to step in and halt Gazza's extradition to the United States of Obamaland.

The paper notes that Shadow Justice Minister David Burrowes is tabling a motion in Parliament calling on Jacqui Smith to review the medical records of Gary Mackinnon, who is just "weeks away from being sent to the US."

Gazza's supporters say the unemployed UFO obsessive as become something of a recluse and is on suicide watch after becoming depressed while awaiting his looming extradition.

Well, who wouldn't be depressed about the prospect of wearing an orange jumpsuit and having to spend time in jails that (allegedly) even Russell Brand doesn't deserve - and that's saying something :)

David Burrowes is reportedly asking for Gazza's extradition to be halted until his medical condition has been more carefully assessed.

You know, I think here may be a chance that Gazza may yet be saved from the clutches of the US men in black. Read more in the Scotsman here... (opens in new tab)