PowerSearch 3.3.1

PowerSearch is an application which allows users to search batch files for multiple search terms at the same time.

This is a powerful concept since all the search programs we've seen are vastly limited in that they only search for one term at a time, or they are extremly complicated (and expensive) to use.

From the main screen presented when the program first starts, just point to the folder containing the files you want to search and provide a list of terms to search for.

If you want so search for only one file, or a particular set of files, you can set the file mask.

For example, if the only file you wanted to search was called QWERTY.TXT, then you would type that into the file mask. If you wanted to search only the files that ended with .TXT, then you would type *.TXT in the file mask.

When you provide the list of search terms to search for, you can either type them into the list in the area provided, or you can import the list from a text file. (Use of text files is a good idea if you search for the same terms again and again because you can make search term lists for future uses).

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