Programming Without Coding Technology 1.0

Programming Without Coding Technology (PWCT) is a free (GPL + exception supporting commercial applications) development environment, Programming language and Programming paradigm for developing win32 applications 100% without directly coding.

PWCT comes with new Methodology called Coding Simulation instead of Drag and drop.

The aim is to enable users to create computer software without directly coding.

PWCT uses Interaction by presenting a GUI between a Human language and a Programming language so doing anything require knowing Procedure instead of being Declarative.

PWCT 1.0 uses XHarbour, HarbourMiniGUI and Borland C/c++ as the embedded coding layer to produce executable applications.

RPWI means " (R)eal (P)rogramming (W)ithout cod(I)ng ", Where you don't need to write code, or to study programming language syntax because you develop your software in RPWI Environment through interaction, i.e. GUI instead of writing Code.

Low Level RPWI requires from the developer/programmer to know Programming concepts, and requires that you understand the features and rules presented by the Programming language under usage because the interactive language just present GUI (in Human language) to all features available from the Programming language under usage.

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