Comment : Tape backup systems not providing the level of continuity many organisations need

Double-Take Software announced the results of a rapid response survey it carried out on its stand at Storage Expo, which took place in London on the 15th and 16th October 2008.

Key findings of the survey include that almost 50% of respondents have experienced significant downtime in critical IT systems over the last twelve months.

A similar proportion, just over 50%, responded that tape did not or could not provide the continuity they needed.

In total, 623 visitors to the show completed the survey. When asked if any of their key business IT systems experienced more than four hours downtime in the last 12 months, 304 respondents said yes.

Visitors to the stand were then asked if tape backup could (or does) meet their business continuity goals. A similar number, 314, said no, it could not.

Finally, in answer to the question whether IT budgets were likely to be reduced over the next 12 months, compared to the previous 12 months, 313 responded no.

Ian Masters, UK sales marketing director at Double-Take Software, commented, "Given that we polled visitors on our stand, the results were always going to be skewed a little in favour of people who have experienced an issue with continuity. However, that so many respondents have experienced that extent of downtime in their most critical systems surprised even us. If our results are indicative of the experiences of the show's visitors as a whole, it demonstrates a very significant problem. That degree of productivity loss must be hugely disruptive. If tape is still being used in continuity plans, there's no wonder its performance doesn't rate very highly. The good news is that at least 50% of our visitors expect to see IT budgets maintained in 2009 so they may be positioned to implement more effective continuity solutions."