Hot Virtual Keyboard

Hot Virtual Keyboard is an application which allows users to replace their Windows keyboard with a one more professional and customizable. Hot Virtual Keyboard packs a number of advanced features to make on-screen typing faster, easier and more accurate. Make full use of your touch-screen PC or type with a mouse quickly and efficiently!

Some key features of "Hot Virtual Keyboard":

  • Gestures: Hot Virtual Keyboard enables you to use gestures to quickly insert spaces or change the case of the letters.
  • Programmable Keys: A single tap launches an application, opens a Web site or executes a keystroke macro. Pre-program keys to perform routine text editing tasks such as copying and pasting, or to control the behavior of opened windows and various aspects of your system.
  • Word Auto-Complete: Hot Virtual Keyboard lets you type faster and more accurate by suggesting words based on just one or two taps. The technology works much like the one available in modern mobile phones and communicators, enabling faster and more accurate typing by suggesting the correct words after entering just a few symbols.

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