Managed Services for Virtual Environments

Do you really need another tool to tell you what's going on? How much has your organisation already spent on developing tools to meet their needs?

What is the upkeep on those tools? What value do they really bring to the organisation as a whole? And can they really quantify your Return On Investment (ROI)?

When it comes to virtualisation there was previously no way of measuring ROI. No one method was available to measure engagements and deliver immediate value. You had to develop all the SLA's, run books and standard operating procedures, upfront, before you had even begun to virtualise your estate.

This is where Managed Services for Virtual Environments (MSVE) breaks new ground. It provides the ability to immediately deliver the service capability in parallel to the virtualisation project roll-out. This can reduce the time-to-go-live by months.

Therefore, businesses can realise the ROI sooner and avoid capital expenditures (CAPEX) for existing infrastructure deployments earlier.

MSVE allows clients to outsource the management and support of their IT infrastructure to professionals with deep technical knowledge and practical, hands-on experience.

Using metrics and reports delivered through this service, companies are able to make confident decisions that impact their business.

Virtualisation experts manage day-to-day operations leaving firms to focus on aligning the business with IT service delivery capabilities for maximum impact and business value.

Organisations can view MSVE in one of two ways:

• Accelerated delivery of the ROI through supplemented services for event monitoring and reporting, incident management and capacity planning.

• Complete long term and service level driven managed service encompassing enterprise reporting, provisioning, management monitoring, alerting and management.

There are many areas that MSVE addresses:

• Status Reporting

• Event Monitoring and Alerting

• Vendor Management

• Capacity Planning

• Incident Management

• Performance Monitoring

• Performance Management

• Administration

All these areas can be instantly offset from the IT Team, allowing them to focus on the projects within the business, saving costs through lean operating procedures that drive today's business environments.

Andrew McCreath is an Engagement Partner at GlassHouse Technologies. GHT is a global provider of IT infrastructure services enabling organisations to consolidate, virtualise and manage their IT environments.