T-Mobile Claims To Be Number One For Mobile Broadband After Test Results

What an eventful week for the mobile broadband market in the UK. After O2, Virgin and Vodafone, it is now T-Mobile's turn to unveil its own set of results which unsurprisingly crowned the Deutsch Telekom owned company as the top mobile broadband provider.

T-Mobile, which provides services to MVNOs like Ikea, Asda, Tesco, Virgin and Carphone Warehouse, says that independent tests carried out by P3 solutions across 16 cities throughout UK during peak time showed that it was the fastest for internet upload and download speeds as well as for web browsing and for sending and receiving emails

Tests showed that T-Mobile's lead ranged between 25 percent - for traditional websites like the BBC to a whopping 60 percent for rich media websites like Facebook or Youtube.

T-Mobile, which shares its network with Three Network, has rolled out HSUPA on a nationwide basis, which should allow for download speeds of up to 7.2mbps (and a "realistic speed of 4.5mbps within the M25 and major cities).

The press release did not mention what other service providers were included in the survey but did mention that it was carried out at a combination of static and mobile locations which cover a range of commercial and residential sites.