Apple Upgrades MobileMe Service

It seems that Apple has been quietly updating its MobileMe service since last September and has made significant improvements in its mail, accounts and contacts features.

MobileMe is essentially a subscription based wireless syncing service which encompasses a range of online services and tools and the updates are designed to make it more accessible and user friendly.

The changes made in its MobileMe email include improvement in its log in process along with enabling of an advanced junk-mail filter; in addition Apple has fixed issues related to the use of keyboard shortcuts, and addition of contacts.

Other notable improvements has been made in the Calendar segment which now is able better deal with switching views in Mozilla Firefox 3 and can facilitate the management of 'to do' items in an efficient manner.

Apple has also made changes to the MobileMe Account by increasing the storage allocation menu and making improvements to the data transfer speeds.

Interestingly these changes which were made over an extended period of time, went largely unnoticed as server side updates are typically innocuous as compared to a standard software updates.