Google Adds SMS Service To Gmail

Google has introduced a new SMS messaging service for Gmail along with a bunch of other exciting features.

Users of Gmail can access this service which incidentally still is in beta by reaching under the Labs tab by clicking at the green flask icon.

Interestingly the SMS interface runs in the Gmail’s chat window which is located in left navigation plane.

The SMS service from Google is one of many new features that Google has introduced in Gmail; some of the other notable features include advanced IMAP controls, message emoticons, new contact manager features, canned responses, and Gmail Goggles.

Incidentally Google has also rolled out the updated version of its Chrome browser which now enables support for laptop touchpad scrolling along with improved proxy performance and reliability.

In addition it also rectifies a major security issue related to spoofing of pop-up windows along with fixes for PDF crashes that used to occur during the closing of a tab.