Majority of US iPhone Users Are From "Lower Income" Bracket Says Survey

According to a recent study, the increasing preference for iPhone amongst the lower income US consumers indicate towards a possibility that smartphones are increasing been seen as a necessity rather than a luxury.

According to the survey conducted by the ComScore, iPhone purchases had shown the sharpest increase of 48 percent amongst people whole annual household income lies in the range of USD 25,000 to USD 50,000 while the increase in the purchases made by people with incomes above USD 100,000 increased by a mere sixteen percentage.

Incidentally, lower income groups still make for only 15 percent of the iPhone crowd which is incidentally is still dominated by young affluent males.

According to ComScore Mobile analyst Jen Wu, it seems that smart phones are becoming a mainstream product as a large number of customers are willing to pay USD 199 for an iPhone 3G along with about USD 70 per month or more for AT&T's service plans.

Wu went on to mention that massive coverage and hype surrounding the iPhone has lead to a spike in interest; however the fact that iPhone offers a great value to its users on account of the amount of things one can do with it proves to be its greatest attraction.