Microsoft Tempts Apple Customers With Kiosk

It seems that Microsoft is taking its “I am PC” campaign directly before the Mac user if reports of a new Microsoft kiosk propping up before an Apple store in UK are to be believed.

Recently, an AppleInsider reader reportedly spotted a video kiosk promoting Microsoft in close proximity to an Apple store in Birmingham where employees from Microsoft were asking people passing by to come in and express their PC experiences and thereby record their very own "I'm a PC" video.

Some advertising campaigns launched by Apple and Microsoft in recent times have tried highlight their benefits at the expense of the other the new move may be just another attempt in that direction.

Though setting up of Microsoft kiosks near an Apple store may seem odd; it is quite possible that Microsoft is focusing on the fact many people who end up buying Macs at Apple’s retail store are essentially PC users and it would be logical for it to attempt bringing them back to its fold.