Netflix Let Apple Users Watch Movies In An Instant But Not In UK

Netflix users who have an Apple Mac computer will be happy to learn that the DVD-and-streaming media company is about to roll out a "Watch Instantly" online player, a service which is currently in public beta.

The streaming service, which uses Microsoft's Silverlight (rather than Flash, from Apple's long-time partner Adobe), will only work on Intel-based Mac computers which Netflix says will include 75 percent of the current Mac base.

More than 12,000 movies and programmes will be available to users by the end of this year and while quality appears to be sub-par, it appears to work without constant buffering.

Subscribers are now inviting subscribers who wish to opt in although, as Netflix puts it, it is a controlled beta testing phase. Netflix customers should also expect a few bugs here and there, although they should be ironed out by the time the service officially goes live early next year.

Unfortunately, since Netflix is not available in the UK (or indeed Europe), this is pretty much useless for us for now; just redirects to their main US website.

In the UK, Lovefilm allows you to download movies (rather than stream them) and even have a few thrown in for free.