New Intel Core i7 CPUs Crush Core 2 and AMD Phenom Processors

Intel has unveiled its advanced Core i7 processor that is designed to provide a significant enhancement in both performance and efficiency over its predecessor, the Intel Core 2 processor.

The new processor boasts of an improved architecture that allows it to deliver 25 percent quicker clock to clock over its predecessor and also incorporates hyper threading which makes it immensely suitable for multi threaded applications.

Some other notable features of this new processor includes ‘data links’ that are associated with memory modules along with an increased number of pin connections.

In addition it will be developed using high-K dielectric along with metal gate technologies and it would have four cores.

The Core i7 processor will also incorporate the QuickPath Interconnect method for communication instead of the traditional front side bus interface that many other processors use.

On the downside the new processor is unlikely offer any benefits over its predecessor as far as power consumption is concerned.