Super Stealth Russian Trojan Steals 500,000 Bank Accounts

Recent findings made by the security group RSA suggest that a highly sophisticated Trojan called Sinowal has been able to steal data of more than half a million financial accounts.

It seems that the Sinowal Trojan which is also known as Torpig and Mebroot, is amongst the most advanced pieces of ‘crimeware’ that has ever been detected and it has been proliferating on the internet for nearly three years.

The infection of Sinowal Trojan has reached striking proportions as it has been successful in compromising nearly 100, 000 accounts in the last six months itself and its number variants too has been steadily rising.

The degree of sophistication of this virus can simply be gauged from the fact that it does not try to trick the user to click on any link etc or perform a download; instead it spreads itself through vulnerabilities present in the user system and then stores itself in the master boot record thereby making it very difficult to detect or eliminate.

Initial analysis of the Trojan and its infection patterns indicate that the Trojan may have been developed by group from Russia and some experts believe that it may be the handiwork of the Russian Business Network cyber crime gang.