£500 Sony Vaio VGNNR21Z/T.CEK Laptop

Save more than £200 on this laptop. The Sony Vaio VGNNR21Z/T.CEK features a sharp and bright 15.4 inch wide X-black LCD for natural looking pictures and Windows Vista Home Premium for enhanced navigation and multimedia management.

The Sony Vaio is easy to use with ergonomic design and maximum convenience, with 4 USB sockets, powerful computing with Intel Core 2 Duo processor and NVIDIA graphics.

With a soft and warm fabric-like texture and clear embossed VAIO logo, NR-Series stands proud as a notebook with style. The unique dimpled surface is very comfortable to hold when on the move and offers a stylish alternative to the smoothness of most laptops.

Its sleek 'floating' design makes a striking first impression and enhances the natural thinness of the chassis.

The NR-Series perfectly complements natural elements in the home and your individuality. These highly distinctive notebooks use a dimple molding design to create a weave pattern that recalls the softness and warmth of clothing.

This Sony Vaio laptop comes with a T8100 CPU, Windows Vista Premium, 3GB memory, a 250GB hard disk drive and a dedicated 128MB Geforce 8400M GT video card.

Buy it at Asda for only £500.