£60 ZyXEL PLA401 200Mbps Powerline Integrated Homeplug Adapter Pair

The PowerLine HomePlug AV Adapters 200Mbps allows your home to be completely networked using your existing plug sockets.

Ideal for streaming high definition video content, audio streaming, gaming and Internet connectivity.

Perfect for bandwidth hungry applications like HDTV streaming and gaming.

No power leads : integrated plug enables you to connect straight into your plug socket.

Create a hassle free home network through your plug sockets with no need for additional wiring.

Alternative to wireless, no dead spots, no interference, no performance issues.

The devices come with two year warranty and include a 128-bit encryption and are compatible with Windows (don't know for Mac or Linux though).

You can use 16 adapters on one network.

Pocket-lint says that "Performance wise and we were very impressed by the adapters with little or no drop out regardless of what the network was doing."

Buy a pair of those for only £59.98 at Ebuyer.