Five websites you need to watch for the 2008 US Presidency

We're just 5 minutes from the first forecasts for the historic 2008 US elections which will decide who between Barack Obama and John McCain will be the next US president.

In a few minutes, just after midnight, online websites will be swamped by tens of millions of internet users who will want to get the latest news and updates about the first major global election in the Web 2.0 era.

Here are five websites which will give you all the information and the analysis in the next few hours and subsequently in the next few days about how this election will pan out and how it will change the course of History.

Obamacino or Mccainmoca? Whoever the winner, the BBC is the website to be visited first as it will give a full analysis from some of the best English journalists in the world backed by a worldwide network of collaborators who will bring the news as it happens.

Current is having a special Party Night. Co-hosted by Digg and Twitter, with video from, and with a Live DJ set by Diplo, Current is uniting the best of social media with a real-time broadcast of the most important results, facts and information and giving you a completely new way to experience election night. Current, of course, was founded by the ex US Vice president, Al Gore.

Aljazeera will give you a solid view of how the Arabic world views the US presidential race. Obviously, the middle-east will play a key role in the rejigging of the new world order after the 4th of November 2008. The balance of power has shifted to the East flushed with oil money.

Additionally, it is interesting to see how the rest of the world would vote if they were given the right to do so. At iftheworldcouldvote, Obama's win is overwhelming, gathering more than 740.000 votes, more than six times what McCain achieved. Virtual voters from more than 210 countries voted.

Another website that will keep you smiling for a few more days is 24 hours in America which casts a humorous shadow on this election with real life puns and stories about the sidelined chitchats that make this 2008 unique.