Google Fixes Android Security Issue With Quick Fix

Google has finally reacted to the Android flaw discovered a few days back, by announcing a security patch to fix it.

Back on 24 October, a team of security researchers from Independent Security Evaluators, headed by Charlie Miller, discovered a serious flaw in browser software of T-Mobile’s G1 handset, powered by Google’s Android platform; moreover, disappointing for Google, Miller had also proclaimed the flaw, so as to prevent G1 users from getting exploited.

Experts had attributed this serious vulnerability to the fact that Google used older versions of open source packages into handset’s software, which could allow hackers to exploit users’ system resources remotely.

The vulnerability could enable hackers to execute remote coding on users’ PCs, which in turn, could allow them lifting cookies employed for surfing the web, and stealing passwords and other crucial information entered into online forms.

The search engine giant has already started pushing software updates on T-mobile networks in US; however, its availability for UK networks is yet to be confirmed.