Vodafone Launches Super Dongle with 4GB Storage Space

Dongles will disappear sooner or later as new laptops and netbooks integrate SIM readers making them redundant. But now, Vodafone has launched a brand new USB Stick Pro Mobile broadband dongle which not only provides with HSDPA speeds but also a 4GB microSD card which can act as a secondary memory.

The device will allow you to reach download speeds of around 4.5 to 5mbps and will be available on some price plans including a 5GB one which will cost you £21.28 a month (with a three-month introductory tariff of £14.19) although you will need to take a two-year contract.

Vodafone is also proposing a few other bundles but it is their 3GB price plan which will get heads turning. At £12.91+VAT including the price of the modem, it is good value for money given the fact that O2 charges £15 for the same data plan (albeit with unlimited WiFi).

How does the dongle compare? Well, most laptops now have a SD card reader and a 16GB SDHC card should cost you only £17.99. Furthermore, dongles are prone to breakage since they protrude from the USB connector and are easily lost, you'd rather choose to go for an Expresscard.