Yoyotech Sells "Fastest PC" In the World... Powered By Vista Home

For only £4000, you can claim the bragging rights to the world's fastest PC in the world, beating an 8-core Sun Microsystems UltraSPARC system in the respected SPEC peak integer rate benchmark.

The Fi7EPOWER MLK1610 uses cherry-picked components including an overclocked Intel Core i7 965 processor which runs at 3.2GHz, 9GB (yep, 9GB) of DDR3 Memory as well ass a 2GB GDDR5 HIS ATI 4870x2 graphics card.

The rest of the subsystem is pretty, err, mundane with a Bluray drive, a Terabyte Hard disk drive from Samsung as well as a 80GB Intel SSD storage (which is used as the primary booting drive).

All this precious equipment will be housed in a Coolermaster HAF 932 Full tower chassis that oozes quality with huge expansion capabilities and build like a tank (ed: you wouldn't want to drop THAT on your feet).

However, the most head-scratching decision from Yoyotech comes from the fact that it chose to have Windows Vista Home Premium as its main OS, surely, it is not a cost-cutting decision.

This with the fact that it only comes with one year warranty means that it will be obsolete as soon as it reaches its first customer.

Find out more about this superb computer here.