Father of iPod Quits Apple, Replaced By Godfather Of PowerPC

Tony Fadell, Apple’s senior Vice President of iPod division, who incidentally is also dubbed as the father of iPod is quitting the company for some personal reasons.

However, Mr. Fadell is resigning from the full time position only, and he will continue to serve the company as an advisor to CEO Steve Jobs.

Mark Papermaster, a former executive of IBM Corp., will be replacing Fadell to join as a new VP of Apple’s iPod division, sources said.

Furthermore, Mr. Fadell’s wife, senior VP for HR at Apple, Danielle Lambert, has also announced her departure at the end of this year; however, Apple says that the pair is leaving their positions to “devote more time to their young family.”

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs have acknowledged the contributions made by the couple over the past eight years, and said in a statement, “We’re sorry to see Dani go, and are looking forward to working with Tony in his new capacity.”