Five Joins Freesat Platform (but still no offline VoD)

Five is all set to debut on the Freesat platform, the free-to-air digital satellite TV service, on November 18.

The addition of Five onto the Freesat platform has bolstered its offerings to compete against some of the big names of the industry, which includes, Virgin Media, DTT Freeview, and BSkyB’s satellite service.

Freesat users will not be required to re-tune the settings, as Five will automatically be available to them via digital boxes or integrated TVs.

However, offline content on demand, which is offered by BBC, ITV and Channel 4, has yet to come to Five.

Five’s Autumn menu offers some of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows, which includes, Dangerous Adventures for Boys, Paul Merton in India, and 1968 Unseen.

On addition of Five on Freesat platform, Freesat’s MD Emma Scott said in a statement, “We’ve been looking forward to welcoming Five onto Freesat since we launched - and we know viewers have too.”

Charles Constable, Five’s director of strategy, stated that the launch of Five on Freesat would provide the channel a pan UK presence that would help UK users to have free access to Five’s programs.