LG KF300 Marks Return of "Fashionable" Clamshell Phones At Orange

LG has released a rather intriguingly looking KF300 clamshell phone which will be available free on Orange contracts starting from £15 per month for a minimum of two years.

The handset has a flash-less 2MP digital camera, 14MB memory and a nice looking, 2.2-inch LCD screen that can display 320x240 pixels.

There's a microSD expansion slot (that supports up to 2GB memory), a FM radio plus the ubiquitous MP3 player as well as Bluetooth, all packed in a 97g little package that's only 16.2mm thick.

Kudos about the large keys, the tiny square external LCD and one-button feature keys but pity about the flash and the lack of 3.5-inch audio jack.

Don't expect anything fancy though - no WiFi or GPS and there are much better deals available even at Orange.

For example, bag yourself 200 anytime any network minutes SIM only offer with unlimited texts for only £15 at Orange and grab one of their clearance phones for cheap.