Microsoft Windows 7, A Huge Hit on Bittorrent, Rapidshare

Thousands are flocking to P2P websites and download websites like Rapidshare to download the pre-beta version of Windows 7 that was presented at the recent Professional Developers Conference.

Websites like The Pirate bay and Mininova have been offering Windows 7 (Microsoft.Windows.7.32Bit.Build.6801.DVD-WinBeta) since the 29th of October 2008 as a huge 62-file combo 2.75GB download.

The Pirate Bay is showing 1825 seeders and nearly 5000 leechers sharing this version of Windows 7. Other versions are appearing on P2P including a less popular 64-bit version and other older ones.

Similarly, a 29-file RAR version of Windows 7 is currently available on Rapidshare (ed: and probably on other websites like

According to various sources, the split archives will create the original DVD ISO Image when uncompressed and can then either be mounted as a virtual drive or burnt on a blank DVD disk.

And unless a hack is applied to the OS, Windows 7 will automatically set itself as a 30-day trial version.

For those who want to have a go at Vista's successor the legal way, the more refined, beta version of Windows 7 should be available by the beginning of the year.