No New Mac Products Before 2009 Says Apple

Settling the rising tides of rumours across the blogosphere about Apple launching a range Mac computers, the company stated that it will not be delivering anything new this Christmas.

Bill Evans, a spokesperson from Apple, said in a statement, “Our holiday line-up is set”, and denied any possibilities of launching new products this year.

Earlier this week, there were information (ed: more like hearsays) that had stated that Apple was all set to unleash revamped and upgraded range of Mac Minis and iMacs along with some updates for its existing desktop lineup.

The rumours suggested that the new Macs would include DisplayPorts, which would allow users to connect some external display or a projector through an adapter; however, Apple’s new range of MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro already features a Mini DisplayPort.

Apple launched its Mac Mini range three years back, and it hasn’t introduced any updates for the range since last year, making Apple’s fans to speculate that the company will discontinue this range.