£49.99 T-Mobile broadband dongle

T-Mobile recently re-launched its pay-as-you-go mobile broadband proposition with a much more compelling price structure: just £49.99 for the USB Stick 110 dongle (microSD card compatible) and then £2/day usage charge.

The device weighs just 30g and measures 12 x 26 x 70mm, and is designed to boost poor network signals to keep you connected.

For the unfamiliar, you simply plug one of these dongles into your laptop to get up to 4.5Mb broadband internet on your laptop on the move.

Speeds naturally vary depending on the mobile phone signal, but PC Pro (August 2008) concluded that "T-Mobile's service was consistently the fastest of any of the UK networks - and the only one to record an average speed of 2Mb/sec or more in London".

Full details on Mobile Broadband Genie, or buy it direct from T-Mobile.