£99.99 Transcend V20 JetFlash 64GB USB Drive

This is by far the cheapest 64GB USB Drive on the market and it is available at Play for a mere £99.99 including VAT and delivery.

Manufactured by Memory specialist, Transcend, the company wants everyone to own a flash drive and is driving down the cost.

This massive 64GB drive comes with a lifetime warranty and bundled with Security and drive management software.

This huge flash drive combines six useful functions:

  1. Favorites Function: Store all your favorite website addresses on the JetFlash
  2. AutoLogin Function: Automatically login to websites where you have a password
  3. Secret-Zip Function: Compress and/or password protect saved files using AES encryption
  4. PC-Lock Function: Makes JetFlash a key to lock your computer
  5. E-Mail Function: use your JetFlash to securely send, receive and save e-mails
  6. DataBackup Function: backup, restore

Buy it now at Play.com for only £99.99