O2 To Launch Litmus App Platform For Its Handsets

After a grand success of Apple’s iPhone App Store and Google’s G1 Android Marketplace, O2 seems all set also join the league by launching an online developers’ community for its devices, dubbed as “Litmus”, which will provide a new mobile application development platform.

Discussed at the Mobile 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, O2’s upcoming Virtual Developer Lab (VDL), which includes Litmus, will offer 24x7 access to over 40 gadgets from O2’s inventory of handsets and it will allow developers to develop, examine, monitor, and install new applications and content on the handsets.

In addition to providing mobile applications, the platform also offers access to other important parts of O2’s network, which includes billing or messaging systems.

Initially, a few customers will be invited to join the Litmus platform, and they will be offered incentives to participate in the development procedure.

Commenting on the significance of the platform, O2’s Head of Content Marketing, Glyn Povah said in a statement, “Since the launch of the iPhone on O2 we have seen consumer demand for high-quality, compelling mobile applications reach new heights.”