RIM Blackberry 9500 Storm : Review of Hands-On Reviews

You know when a piece of technology is big when popular tabloids write on it. So Britain's best tabloid, the Sun has just covered the launch on the new Blackberry 9500 Storm which is set to .. storm ahead... of the rest of the competition.

The Vodafone Bus was in Central London and allowed punters to try the brand new smartphone which is due to be launched on the 14th of November.

The Sun couldn't help but notice that this gadget had a massive ad campaign and has been given more exposure than the iPhone (ed: really?).

There's much to love about the new device (and a few thing to hate as well) but the talking point will almost certainly be the clickable touchscreen with the so-called feedback or haptic technology.

PCPro and ElectricPig say that it is quite like the glass touchpad of the new Macbook Pro.

It is big - 3.25-inch - and can display 420x360 pixels and toggles seamlessly between portrait and landscape mode.

And according to the Register, the 3.2MP camera was deemed excellent with the LED flash getting kudos even in low light conditions.

Bad things? There are NO Wi-Fi for somem reason and the lack of an equivalent to the App store at launch could be a serious handicap. ZDNet says that it is just a disaster waiting to happen since the screen can only register one keystroke at a time and trying to type quickly just doesn't make sense plus the way the screen is built means that there's a small gap where dust or water (or worse) could go in and attack the internal circuitry. Crave also noticed this shortfall although it should be mentioned that the actual model was an evaluation one.

And there's someone who has already tried, tested and approve the Storm and that's the F1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton. He's so enamoured with his Blackberry 9500 that he said he can now even type without looking, adding that it was far better than the iPhone, according to the Evening Standard.

It is already on sale at Phones4u.co.uk and is already number one in the Top 10 Pay monthly list for £35 per month and will come with a free 8GB memory card, 600 minutes and 3000 texts.