T-Mobile's G1-Android Phone Jailbroken By Connoisseurs

Just within seven days of the launch of Google’s Android powered smartphone, HTC G1, hackers have managed to unlock the device from T-Mobile’s network by exploiting a loophole in its software.

The hack was posted on an Android development forum, and it provides users access to data on various parts of the phone, which could allow them to install new programs, or even another operating system on the handset.

Furthermore, in addition procedure of carrying out the procedure is also given on the website.

Google owes this jailbreak to a bug in the Android operating system, and said in a statement, “We’ve been notified of this issue and have developed a fix”, and the company further avowed that it is working with other partners to push out the security patch to update the open source code of the software.

The jailbreak isn’t as notable as that of iPhone that required a group of hackers, who spent weeks in cracking the security of the handset.